Tuesday, 2 February 2016

End of the marriage and beginning of separation - Written by Anu Mehta

Connection and separation is a constant and consistent feature of our everyday life. Yet when people get married they think that this bond of marriage and togetherness is forever. In fact girls in our country believe that their partner is their God and that she must spend rest of her life with her wedded husband under any condition. Seven mantras and vows of wedding are all around companionship, togetherness, loyalty, understanding, protection, love, hope, care, and trust, security and safety.  Together they ask God to bless them with friendship and maturity to share the happiness and pain together and preserve their friendship for lifetimes. This by itself is a huge spiritual experience of togetherness.

End of this spiritual marriage, togetherness and friendship can challenge the divorced couples of their existing valve system and beliefs, thus creating awakening of spiritual understanding for both the partners. Both partners may feel pain and hurt. When they are separating, the hurt they may inflict on each other may be far more focused than their love ever was. Each one may want to break free from this pain and get their freedom, and escape from this insensitive prison of pain.

The men as well as women desiring a divorce and freedom often have this question lingering loudly over their head like a dark, water filled cloud ready to rain; Do I have the right to be respected, be happy and live my life at my terms without people understanding me through there distorted perception. DO I have a chance to live again?  Looks like the rule that there is No gain without pain gets active here. Divorce is loss that can help parting partners to gain their new healthy and happy attitude to live and let live It may be a true ticket to true freedom, which helps them to live honestly and truthfully and help us to experience the highest joy of their lives.

Written by Anu Mehta
Edited by Rashmi Arora