Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sarka Pude [Move Ahead] -By Anu Mehta

Move ahead; Sarka Pude; Sarka Pude is a Marathi word which means move ahead. When we go to the Lord Ganesh Temple Siddhi Vinayank the watchman says Sarka Pude{move ahead] The question to ask ourselves is that If we are not allowed to   stand in God’s temple for  longer  then  three minutes then why do people stand in their shit for so long.
Divorce or Separation teaches us the art of Sarka Pude. End to a marriage does not imply putting an end to all other relationships, but simply opens up various other avenues to form stronger bonds with other equally important people. In other words, the end of ones marriage can be alternatively be the next step of the parting partners towards giving themselves another chance to get out of the bondages of an obsolete relationship and step into a better relationship with others and themselves.

 Divorce thus can help the parting partners to transform vulnerability, shame and guilt into   respect and self-love giving themselves another chance and step into a better relationship with others and us.

Written b y Anu Mehta