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Anu Mehta is the pioneer and the First Master Trainer in a diagnostics tool called META-Health, Information technology called NES-health and  Advanced Clearing Energetics, a therapeutic tool, created by Richard Flook. She is the only one who practices Information technology called NES-health and is integrating her work with  knowledge of META-Health in India today. The Pro-Vision Nes- Health Scan she uses, helps her to find out the problems encountered by the human body and mind and thereby is able to help a wide spectrum of people, right from a two days old baby to a  90 years old. She also trains people in various emotion releasing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting and Hypnotherapy. She is also trained in various other modalities like ‘Luscher Colour Diagnostics’ , Tarot cards, Angle cards, Lecher Antenna , Pendulum Dowsing and various others.

She is an international speaker, who has spoken at the online international summit in [2013]  addressing the topic of  Sexual Abuse, she spoke at stages of Luxembourg [2014] on ‘How to integrate  NES-Health and META-Health’ sharing her success story of a little girl who was able to walk due to integration of these two modalities.  At UK [2014]  she spoke on ‘My Healing Journey – Life after sexual abuse “ she was graced with standing ovation for her work.  She has also produced a short movie on the sexual abuse called ‘ The Unheard Screams’ which was presented during this talk. In Hawaii-USA she spoke about two different topics  like ‘No pain no Gain’ and   also presented her research which was based on a city Ludhiana in north of India , where she found every fourth woman having breast cancer,  uterus cancer or cervix cancer. She named her research  ‘Womb and the women’.

She has also hosted this February 2017,The 8th International META-Health conference in India, Mumbai,for the first time. The speakers from various parts of the world like India, UK, Germany, Japan, Serbia, New Zealand, Norway, Czech - Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Canada , Denmark and Netherland took the stage which   was  aimed at empowering people in their self-development. During the four days of this health conference embraced  by the theme of “Transform your mindset for  Self-Healing” had various aspects  of health covered like, ‘Mind-Body-Soul connection’, ‘New Developments in the field of  Health’, ‘Sexual awareness’ and ‘Mental Health awareness’. This conference was followed by four days of post conference workshops being conducted by the specialist  from across the globe in their fields.

 Anu has been a speaker on Meta-Health at Rishikesh, Parmarth Niketan, on October 06, 2012 at the life Positive Expo during the international festival for holistic Living with life positive, She was a speaker at Zambala spiritual fair at Goa in 2013 organised by 70 Event Media Group, she has been the speaker for the  Spiritual Newspaper  ‘The Speaking Tree ‘ Akasha in 2014 at Habitat Centre and later at Epicentre Gurgaon. She is a regular speaker for ‘The  Health library’ [ You can find her talks by typing - Anu Mehta - Help Libraray talks video] which is the help free library at Mumbai.  She has also been a speaker at various rotary clubs across India. She runs her regular workshops on META-Health, Emotional Freedom Technique , Matrix reimprinting at Mumbai and Delhi.

 She has authored a book for Amazon called ‘ The Basics in META-Health - conversations in Japan’. She is a regular author for ’The Life Positive magazine’. The Speaking Tree Newspaper,  The Lifestyle Bliss Equity Lounge Magazine for Spiritual  and Wellness  and Online magazine ,The health site. http://www.thehealthsite.com’.  She also authors a blog - wwwAnuMehta.co.in

Anu Mehta has won many awards for her work in META-Health in last few years. She was awarded in 2014 Derrick Angel Awards in META-Health. Twice in ‘2014 and 2015 she won The spiritual Wellness and Leadership Awards by ISHMA’ and in  2016  she was awarded award for being a spiritual Diva in META-Health and NES-Information in India, in October she was granted, Wellness Guru 2015 award by Bliss Equity Lifestyle lounge. She was a winner at venus awards in 2015. She was awarded on 2015 and 2016 Inspire Award by Astroworld - Spiritual and Wellness Leadership Award. She was awarded at the 6th Annual leadership awards  for being a leading women in the field of science and META-Health by global. She has won WOW Award  [Winner of Worthiness] personality award  for being the First Meta-Health Master trainer in 2015.  In 2016 she was awarded WOW [Winner of Worthiness] awards for being pioneer leader META-Health and Information Medicine.  She was given Women Achievers Award  in 2016 by  Kiran Bedi herself at Evolve Business  School for her ‘contribution towards medical field and social welfare’.  On 2016 She was also awarded by ODSER Charitable Trust which is affiliated to Medicina alterniva - Open International University Shri Lanka, a Grand Achievement Award  as a Master trainer for META-Health. In 2017 she was awarded ISHMA Award for Outstanding Performance in the field of META-Health and Information Medicine,  and a Good Karma Award by Speaking Tree for  her Invaluable Contribution in the Field of META-Health .This year she was also awarded on the women day, an Award of Excellence in the field of META-Health by All Ladies League .

Anu Mehta , through her work assists people to identify and release the stress, which are causing psychological or physiological illness. Disease in her words is an adaptation that the body undergoes, after the onset of a stressful event called trauma in order to assist the person to deal with their stressful environment.  The body at this point may or may not show display any symptoms.She says that, “ Our secrets like being abused and sexual conflicts or hidden  sexual preferences, have a potential of creating health concerns like Parkinson’s, Infertility, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Depression, Bipolar behaviour, problem in sexual organs and ovarian cysts, bone issues and many more”’

We are not aware of what should be considered as an abuse.We grow from our personal experiences. In the same way Anu Mehta began her journey in this field of from a situation of feeling vulnerable, shame, and not being good enough to feeling heard, loved and cared for. She broke her silence on her abuse as a child, which in turn helped her and many others like her to feel empowered. She found enough evidence to prove that abuse creates silence, secrets, and hidden anger, sadness, guilt and shame. This can then get transformed into unhealthy behavioral patterns and diseases, which can haunt many generations to come. Clearing abuse, restraining emotions and beliefs and the trauma can halt a number of diseases in their tracks and create health and happiness. She urges people to look within and deal with their demons. 

She always says “Don’t give up, just give yourself permission to set yourself free from the chains that are holding you down and making you cry”. People are scared of any kind of change or making any changes in their lives yet they want others in their life to change. 

Transformation happens when   there  is a connection and strong understanding  of three “A” pillars - Awareness, Acceptance and Action.  Become aware off  and accept by taking responsibility of what is not working for you today and create an action plan to deal with emotional wounds so that you can empower yourself.

Anu believes in empowering people. According to her real empowerment can only happen when people look very deeply into what needs to be changed in their life and then go ahead and make that CHANGE.She says,” The only one person who can transform your destiny and make you feel empowered is you, so go ahead and make that one change today”.

Connect with Anu at anu.metamedicine@gmail.com, www.metahealthindia.com or call at 9930898116.
blog- www. AnuMehta.co.in
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What is META-Health?
META-Health is an integrated approach to good health and wellness, an in-depth study that helps you gain an understanding of the process of disease and illness and the connection between a certain kind of stress and the actual disease it causes. It provides an insight into the role of biological, psychological, physiological, spiritual, emotional and environmental triggers in the disease process
META-Health helps understand the health challenges one faces that seem to have no reasonable explanation and the role your emotions play in your health. It not only explains the causes of biological shock and how this affects an organ, the brain and the heart simultaneously, but also how one can recognize it and deal with it in a manner that allows one to heal completely and permanently.
META-Health helps to identify the specific emotions caused by life events and belief systems that result in typical disease symptoms and creates an awareness for self-healing and finding ‘soul-utions’ for all physiological and psychological health issues.People havebenefited from META-Health immensely. Individuals have found relief from health issues like Hypertension, Diabetes, high Cholesterol, Pain, Obesity, diseases related to the Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Reproductive, Nervous, Lymphatic systems, Bones, Skin, Gynecological and Prostrate issues and even different types of Cancers It can help you achieve and maintain good health and wellness, by enabling you to heal and get permanent relief from the health issues troubling you. This makes for better attitude towards life and work, and your capacity to be efficient and effective is greatly enhance .